Conflict rises from power

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Conflict is about power; it results from struggles to maintain or gain power The need for power is a reality of life; to use or abuse, to claim or deny, own or disown. However the struggle many go through to gain that feeling of control and power can lead to inner turmoil and conflict between others and one self. Set in the times of the tragic witch trials The Crucible is a drama that shows power resting on moral, legal and religious dynamics that lead to inner, social and religious conflicts. Marking Time an ABC miniseries explores the inner conflict of Hal as he struggles to maintain his power by being with a group he does not really fit into, it also shows how the youth of society challenge authority which leads to social conflict between the two groups. Lord of the Flies a novel by William Golding about the savageness in all innocence and explores the concept of fighting for power to gain status and attitude. Power can be gained, won and fought for but the struggle for it can cause inner, social and religious conflict is explored in all three texts some the concept more clearer than others. Arthur Miller explores characters that manifest social and religious conflict initiated by the struggle to maintain and gain power from authority in a set community, Salem. Miller portrays the priests and judges in the crucible as that certain type of people that others will always be up against. During the Salem witch trials religion was very powerful and overruled many other things, so as a result of this, as shown in the crucible, the ministers and authority of the town were very powerful. Parris being a strong religious leader in Salem felt that no matter what, his authority needed to be kept. Parris believed that the church is the authority of all people in the town. Since he was a Reverend, he considered himself an authoritative figure and by commanding people he maintained his power. Parris challenges John Proctor’s love for god when he says he has failed to “plough on Sundays”, but Proctor perceives Parris as a mercenary hypocrite “distressed by golden candle sticks”. Social conflict weaved with some religious conflict is portrayed in this scene and Proctor’s outburst of “it hurt my prayer” shows the depth of his emotional feelings against Parris. Proctor does not like authority, and since Parris talks as though he is an imposing figure, Proctor has an issu... ... middle of paper ... ... island. As a power struggle in a savage group, the conflict between Ralph and Jack manifests itself not as a competition to prove who would be the better leader but instead as a competition of sheer strength and courage. After this incident we can see continual conflict between Ralph and Jack. We can see this when Jack proclaims that Ralph, “Isn’t a proper chief.” Golding is trying to show both boys are fighting for power and recognition. Its shows conflict caused when dealing with two individuals trying to gain control over land through two different personalities. t The nature of conflict arises from an individuals need to gain and maintain power. The crucible shows the extent to which individuals go to gain power; Parris keeps his power by strengthening his authority and Abigail and Marry Warren by getting attention. Youngsters in Marking Time, use challenging authority to gain power in themselves and the society whilst Lord of the flies is the struggle between two individuals to gain power for leadership. Power can be gained and even fought for, but it creates tension between people and conflict internally, religious and socially arises. The Conflict represented I this te

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