Poverty in Mali

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The United Nations listed 48 countries that they consider to be least developed (United Nations). One of the top on the list is Mali. Mali has always been an under developed country in the whole world. The least developed countries including money lack socioeconomic development, along with low poverty levels, weak human resources such as nutrition and health, lack of education and literacy rates. One of the biggest problems Mali faces is its extremely low poverty levels. It is hard to find work, find proper health care, and safety. The history of countries such as Mali has a huge influence on the ways in which they are struggling now. Mali is one of the original countries to be ruled and controlled by a European country. It was a colony of France during the late 1890’s until approximately 60 years late when it became an independent country. Most of the countries that were colonized by European continents struggled to stabilize themselves once they were independent. Since they are unstable it is challenging for them to have a president whom is fair and wants the best for the country as a whole. Frequently they find themselves with evil dictators, such as Moussa Traore who rules for 23 years. In a New York Times article he was described as a “bloodthirsty and corrupt regime”. After Traore was kicked out Alpha Konare was elected president and working with the country to create peace after a time of terror with their dictator leader. Alpha ruled the country for 10 years doing his best to get the country on its feet again. Finally in 2006 a peace treaty was signed by both groups to stop rebelling, 11 years after the original peace agreement. Due to the rebellion in which lasted for so long much of the country was killed and many pe... ... middle of paper ... ...ng the people of Mali about what life outside of Mali is like can help them. It will allow them to know about the doors of opportunities available to them. Children are the future of each country and creating the chance for them will help improve the country. Many African countries are struggling with poverty and the ability to stabilize themselves enough to rely solely on them instead of receiving foreign aid. Many global organizations are doing the best to help Mali and other countries just like it but it is such a large project that it seems impossible to tackle it all. The World Bank and the IMF are doing the best that they can to help. However there are other things that can be done, such as education and stopping the original colonization of Mali. Any time of social change will take time and will require a lot of time and funds to make such drastic changes.
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