Poverty in South Africa

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Poverty is one of the greatest problems facing South Africa. South African families live in very unsatisfactory conditions. The South African government works hard to bring down the rate of poverty but it also seems to increase as they try. The majority of the South African people are unemployed or else the breadwinner of the family looses the job or dies. In that situation the family has nobody to provide them with the basic needs of life. The children have no money to go to school and that alone increases the rate of poverty as it is known to everybody that if u is uneducated, you have no good chances of getting a well paying job that will sustain you for the rest of your life. In those situations people turn to crime. They believe that it is the only way that will get food on their table, clothes on their back and roofs over their heads. They also believe that the poor must get their needs from the rich, in that way they target the rich people. The increase in the rate of poverty means the increase in the rate of crime. The rate of HIV and AIDS is influenced by the fact that...
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