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Unfortunately, the “paradise” is not always possible. Everyone wants a comfortable life. People want a life where they can have all the resources that they need without difficulty and live without concerns. But Poverty is always present. Poverty is a condition where people 's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. David Dante wrote, “People assume poverty results from weak values and poor decisions”(150). I partially agree with this statement because even though you have not very good values, you can succeed in life because success is personal. I can say that sometimes you struggle with poverty because you don’t have all the necessary information that you need. But the results of poverty depend more on weak information …show more content…

Often young women have these problems even though they have good values. The problem is they are not well informed.Parents don’t talk about this because “the girl is too young to learn about this themes”. This is a really sad mentality because unfortunately young girls are more in danger of a sexual abuse or have unprotected sex because they don’t realize the consequences of this action. So now we have to think. For example, If a poor person can’t support his or her family of 4 people. what would do the family if one of the girls has a baby?. The operation that the mother needs for giving birth and the medical assistance is too expensive. According to the author ,“many people received public assistance at some point, Those who worked usually in low-wage jobs made less than $10,000 in the years prior to the birth of the first child’’ . By focusing on what the author said we can assume that with some income you can support a little the birth of a child because the government is also helping you with medical assistance .But poor families that don’t work , and don’t qualify for this …show more content…

Be poor and have many difficulties does not mean stop to dream . If you have a dream, fight for your dream.No matter the economic status. No matter any obstacle that you have to face. I totally agree when Jo Parker states, “Even the poor can dream, A dream of the time where there is money. Money for the right kinds of food, for worm medicine, for iron pills, for toothbrushes, for hand cream, for a hammer and nails and a bit of screening, for a shovel, for a bit of paint, for some sheeting, for needles and thread.Money to pay in money, for a trip to town, and money for hot water and money for soap” (Parker 126). Have you ever think how awesome will be the world without poverty?. The world where no one has to suffer from hunger, where no one has to sleep in the cold on the street. The world where everyone can live without concerns about how to produce money to pay for medical attention. In Jo Parker view, “ The poor can dream, a dream of when asking for help does not eat away the last bit of pride. When the office you visit is a nice as the offices of other governmental agencies, where there are enough workers to help you quickly, where you don’t have to prove your poverty over and over and over again’’ (Parker 126). Poor people have the right to receive appropriate benefits. Unfortunately, there are many poor people without this because the government has many requirements to give benefits,But poor people still with the right of decent jobs,

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that poverty is a condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met.
  • States that poor parents don't want to talk about sexual education with their children because they feel ashamed to discuss this theme.
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