Poverty Of The United States

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Poverty affects at least half of the United Sates population, and it is one of the hardest problems people confront in their lifetime it is even harder to come out of. With the limited jobs available and fewer benefits few American are not able to defend themselves. As a consequence, people are relying on the government to assist their needs, but with limited assistance most are allowed to fend for their own. Impoverishment in the United States can be puzzled out by increasing the minimum wage, increasing job benefits for employees, providing education for on the skill training, and supporting pay equality. The biggest issue that determines whether an individual is inducted into poverty is minimum wage. The mean salary for a full time worker is currently at $7.25 an hour, and unfortunately this wage has not bettered in the final few years. In the poverty in the United States article, poverty undermines the economy by upsetting the normal growth of human capital (education, [professional experience, health) which is the in theory the main driver of economic growth (Poverty in the United States, 2011). This mistake has made more than 6.8 million to decrease beneath the poverty line (Covert, 2014). The first prime solution that can reduce poverty, and provide millions of people with the opportunity to move above the poverty line is to increase minimum wage to $10.10. This in return will lift about 6 million out of poverty (Covert, 2014), and it could bring the average family of three above the poverty line (Vallas, and Boteach 2014). The second matter that contributes to poverty is the constant inflation of minimum earnings. According to Fox, Inflation has remained constant for a near total eight years, and unlike any other taxes it ... ... middle of paper ... ...it (Vallas, and Boteach 2014). These programs can be the difference between a man being inducted into poverty and falling back in his own path, or finding a job that can support his prior needs. According to Bane, Twice as many young black men will have been in prison than will have graduated from college (Bane, 2008). This problem can be solved by giving people a second chance and it will also improve a great amount of poverty. In conclusion, poverty is a major problem that many Americans face as a consequence of less benefits and an unforgiving wage. To bring about a change and help individuals succeed Raising Minimum Wage, Providing Education for On-The-Skill Training, increasing job benefits for employees, and supporting pay equality can make a tremendous effect towards poverty. Advocating these solutions can decrease poverty and improve our economic system.

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