Positivity And Positivity

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Chapter 4

101 Affirmations for Positivity, Happiness and Vitality

Repeat the affirmations listed below for a period of 21 days and you will not only start thinking more positively but you will see and feel the difference in your life and also the positivity and opportunities that you attract in your life.

Reiterating the affirmations for a period of 21 days will help you form a habit of positive thinking and help you eliminate the habit of negative thinking. Even if you do have negative thoughts you will know how to counteract it and replace it with positive thoughts.

 I love and accept Myself
 I feel enthusiastic and confident in what life has to offer.
 I am more friendly and helpful and this attracts positive people in my life.
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 I am confident and my self-esteem is unlimited.
 I have positive and loving thoughts.
 I am filled with positive energy and vitality.
 My happiness is growing.
 I am in control of my life.
 I am making a positive difference to my life and everyone else around me.
 I now eliminate all negativity.
 I am in total control of my life.
 I can control my thoughts and make them more positive.
 I see positivity in all the circumstances of my life.
 My life is significant.
 I choose to feel better everyday
 I love and accept myself the way I am.
 I have great skills and talent that I put to use every day.
 I exude happiness and joy.
 I possess a lot of energy and vitality.
 I have a healthy and nourished body.
 I have a perfect life.
 I am calm and peaceful.
 I am ready to live the life of my dreams.
 I am making every effort to achieve my goals.
 I am strong and willing to make my dreams into a reality.
 I am passionate about everything I do.
 I am treated with respect by everyone around me.
 Happiness and bliss are my natural state of being
 Life has unlimited amounts of gifts to offer.
 I believe in being forgiving and letting go.
 I am generous and
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 I give myself permission to enjoy the good things in life.
 Abundance is everywhere around me.
 I am now on the road to success and prosperity.
 I expect the best and I acquire the best.
 I was destined to succeed and I do so effortlessly and easily.
 I release any doubt and fear about my potential to achieve success.
 I appreciate myself often.
 I accept my unlimited wealth and abundance.
 All my goals help me achieve greater abundance and happiness.
 I am successful and I exude abundance.
 I seize opportunities every single day that leads to my immense success.
 I am worthy of the wealth and luxury I desire.
 I am grateful for my success and abundance.
 My positive beliefs create my reality and I believe in my limitless success.
 My positive beliefs allow me to have more than I ever imagined possible.
 I add value to this world and my life is important.
 I believe that I have an ability to create wealth and abundance.
 I possess expertise and abilities that I use to achieve my success.
 I now have the life I dreamed of.
 Everything I do adds more value to my wealth and abundance.
 I expect only the finest and I receive
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