Positive Effects Of Technology And Poverty

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In the present life around the world, how many people still facing to a life of poverty and famine? It would be a huge number when we total up the people around the world is needing help. The poverty still persists in many countries, because the lack of attention from government, they do not care about the citizens’ life, danger, bad society, unemployed. The pivotal is no one give them any opportunities to seek for help or create a new life. Throughout the decades, many people have tried many different ways to help people around the world to overthrow poverty and look forward to a new century; but so far no one has been able to succeed. What, then should we do for them and can technology and poverty around the world? This question has confused…show more content…
However, it was not mean of technology expect for. Technology is a thing most important has to be available to provide the demands for everyone, not establish for the corruption of government or political and self-benefits or any corporations. Technology has created to contributed to this planet with lot of assistances and capacities to give solution for all problems around the world. We have to mention all the positive advantages of technology have provided and effect for us. It was a motivation and to begin the rapid of growth the economic in all countries and so on. Then, with a lot of new inventions to help in the rise of industries. It also makes the cycle of the factories industrialization working with high intensity; accordingly, it has created bunch of multiple products components and increased the amount of income through selling and exporting to other nations on the world. Technology and other newer equipment are tools to help everyone solve all the global problems poverty such as smart phone devices, it was rapid developing in the 21st century. Phone could much easier to relax by watching a movie after a long day at work or make a call and ran a text message to whomever. It connected everyone come together. Technology was also including television, when television was also growing up and to creating a new media through online. Television could help everyone to learn, to save knowledge and to eliminate illiteracy. It was not by just entertain, or chill out with friends; but, television was like a small school in a big society. However, technology like a double-edged sword when people use to go for a battle; on one hand, we could use it as to working, looking and fighting against bad society, but on the other hand,

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