Positive And Negative Impact On The Film Industry

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The film industry is constantly evolving with new technologies that can either assist the creative industries or hinder them. There are both positive and negative views as to whether the film industries future looks good. The positive effects of new distribution methods called Cinema cloud is one reason the film industry needs to stay current and on top of technology in the future, to be able to adapt to new processes. Streaming services such as Netflix are becoming increasingly popular, changing the way movies and television shows are viewed also creating original shows that fall exclusively to Netflix allowing audiences to be drawn into subscribing thus increasing profitability. However the internet becoming more accessible and illegal downloads continuing to have a negative impact on the film industry the foreseeable solution is creating a legal downloading service to increase profitability, as well as giving people a legal way to gain access to all movies and televisions shows they like, unlike Netflix which may have limited movies and television shows. With these factors in mind, the film industry has always managed to stay relevant, and the future of the film business will thrive; as long as the studio executives and investors are able to keep up with the high demand of new technology in the age of the internet. The success of the film industry is reliant on society and the entertainment business keeping up with the current fast paced trends within popular culture. Looking at new digital technologies and the way that they are changing film distribution methods there is bound to be a gain of insight towards current and previous ways in which the film industry has operated; producing a fundamental understanding of what... ... middle of paper ... ...bsites such as ‘bit-torrent’ need to be closely monitored in parallel to free to air television, in order to end seamlessly great quality film and television being uploaded to the internet. The entertainment industry must end the illegal downloading phenomenon as it has the ability to paralyse any further income to the entertainment industry. Online streaming services such as worldwide number one, with over 81 million subscribers in more than 190 countries world wide, Netflix has made a major impact in the availability of online streaming. however the difference in accessible film and television shows based on the geographical destinations around the world receiving different range of media is due to copyright and piracy laws that they are currently working towards fixing so that all their customers receive the same experience, no matter where you live in the world.
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