Polmac Case Study

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Polmac limited is a global company initiated in the year 1943 involved in the manufacture, processing and retailing of non-alcoholic beverages. The company has its headquarters located in Oslo, Norway with regional branches in four continents and has a presence in 143 countries. It is the leading company in this industry in terms of its revenue base and expansive market strategy with a strong customer base and loyalty. I have served the organization in various capacities and portfolios and recently was appointed regional director in Asia, in charge of revamping the companies diminishing sales. The executive management has bestowed in me the responsibility of developing specific strategic planning recommendations. The concepts, principles and…show more content…
In accordance to MTP004, the focus of module A is on, enhance internal institutional structure. An activity that would be relevant to this module would be conducting staff performance evaluation based on employee job description and work target. This will identify how employees utilize allocated resources in terms of finances and time in delivering the overall company objectives. This will enable assignment of discrete tasks to specific entities, setting of attainable targets and timelines and allocation of adequate funds (Friedman & Linton, 2008, p.39). Similarly, this will induce employees to develop a culture of self-rule which will ultimately lead to sound internal…show more content…
In MTP003, the focus of modules B is on, situation identification and analysis. The activity that relates to this, is conducting a situational analysis that will explore the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that affect the activities of the Company. SWOT analysis should be undertaken by experts department by department to establish the underlying factors that influence implementation of business plan. The strengths and opportunities explored should be exploited optimally while the weaknesses or limitations and threats should be dealt with by adoption of appropriate intervention mechanisms (`Steiss, 2003, p. 85). The SWOT analysis will provide information that will enable the top management to align its resources and capabilities in attaining its set strategic

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