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The Chinese population believes that the Rhino horn can cure many illnesses such as vomiting, snake poisoning, fevers and devil possession (Blouin, 1997). Recently, the Chinese population has claimed the Rhino horn to “possess cancer-curing properties” (WWF, 2011). Although there is no scientific evidence to support this statement, there has been an increase in demand for Rhino horns. This, along with a tempting price (60000 dollars per kilo) is a possible reason for this drastic increase in poaching (Zijlma n.d.). Last year, due to these inaccurate views on the properties of rhino horns, over 30,000 rhinos were killed in China. Poaching is the hunting of protected animals for personal gain. It is an act that has been acknowledged and persecuted for about one thousand years. Originally, poachers preyed on livestock so that they could feed themselves. In modern society, poaching is a multi-million dollar business. Thousands of eager participants butcher rare animals to sell various parts of their remains for large sums of money. This practice has endangered many species but rhinos and elephants in particular have taken a large sum of the damage. A living creature's common sense entitlement has been a huge factor in combatting poaching. The random butchering of the elephants is essential only so far as to obtain ivory, as it can't be acquired while the elephant is alive. After it has been murdered the technique of concentrating ivory requires the poacher to decapitate the elephant on the grounds that about twenty five percent of the ivory is held in the head. This gruesome execution of elephants simply to take their tusks is a violation of every living creature's common sense of entitlement and of the law as elephants are acknowl... ... middle of paper ... ...preserve the species in the course of the most recent decade have made steps to expand the Rhino populace this diligent work is going to waste, because of the continuity and growth of poaching. It’s perceived that a number of national and worldwide crusades have been produced to increase mindfulness and teach with a specific end goal to deflect Rhino poaching. There are a plethora of speculations and talks to attempt reform and to reach an understanding of the connections diverse societies have with creatures and additionally examine the advancement of the route in which creatures are seen in the human personality and subsequently their current need for security. Anyone can see that in spite of the fact that South African preservation stores are more mindful of their surroundings and the legislature has expanded security to secure the Rhinos. This is insufficient.

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