Play: The Meaning And Importance Of Play

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Play: The Meaning and Importance
When one thinks on the subject of playing what comes to mind? It is most likely the thought of having fun and a good time, not the thought of a learning experience. Educators notice the concept of play as a tool that can be applied to aid a child succeed and grow as individuals. The meaning of play can be defined through research as well as how it can assist in the development of a child’s personal skills through play experiences. The learning process for a child can be traced back as far as their environment during the early stages of life. Play is imperative for the reason that it assists in the education of a child and their world in an approach that is natural. Play education allows educators to go with
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Play contributes to the development of a child cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. In the area of cognitive progress, a child can grow into higher thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills. Socially, they can learn through social interaction taking turns, patience, and sharing in addition to developing friendships. Developing emotionally a child can express their thoughts, feelings, gain self-confidence, and competence. Through play they can develop physically by testing their balance systems, judging distances, and hand-eye coordination. The development of a child also refers to the maturing of a child to a higher level of learning. This can include the structure as well as the content of which educators realize can contribute to a child’s development (Scarlett, 2005). Observing child play, adults should be attentive how children react to their learning experience. A child may need guidance or encouragement from an adult to engage in play through extending play, parallel play, co-play or play tutoring. Children utilize play to attempt using their ideas, learning with reference to relationships, and gaining new information. Through play a child will also develop who they are and who they will be as they grow. They maintain what they discover through play within themselves and apply these skills for the remainder of their life (Stone,
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