Plagiarism is Morally and Ethically Wrong

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Ethnics of Plagiarism What do you do when you get a five-page paper due next week or even a month from the assigned date? Do you work on the assignment as soon as you get it or put it off until the night that it’s due? Most high school and college students hold off until that night to work on the paper, while others will work on it as soon as they are out of class or out of school for the day. Waiting until the last minute will cut some time in putting the thought and hard work of the grade that you may deserve. Most will copy and paste certain material just to get it done faster. However, this act of taking and passing it off as one's own and also not citing the source is called plagiarizing. ("Merriam-webster," 2014) The Honor Code Plagiarism comes with an honor code in most universities. The honor code is simply numerous lists of codes that are thought to be morally right and how students should conduct themselves. The honor code is put in all colleges to give students a chance to become productive students and to stray away academic dishonesty. ("Wikipedia: Honor code," 2013). We should all uphold the honor code not just because it is the right thing to do but it is easy and morally the right thing to do. We have the honor code in universities and colleges because it helps keep the original writers of the source keep their work and are credited for it. Penalty of Academic Dishonesty Most if not all colleges and universities, have procedures to discipline students with the act of stealing one’s work. Glenville State College will remove the student from that specific class until further notice. If found guilty, the student will receive a failure for the class or no credit on hers/his transcript. (Glenville State College, 64)... ... middle of paper ... ...ors do you think plagiarized their thesis paper or cheated off their partner to get their license? Scary, huh? Conclusion After doing research and learning startling facts about plagiarizing, plagiarism is neither worth my grade nor future. It amazes me how many other students do the same thing. I also didn’t realize that plagiarism is a serious deal not only in at my school but all across America. Students should try to make time to do their work and stays focused towards school and not procrastinate. We all can help keep the honor code held to the highest standard by teaching letting the students aware of the consequences of such act. Plagiarism is not only morally wrong but it’s stealing another’s work and making it your own. That’s like taking a twenty dollar bill out of someone’s wallet without them knowing and calling it yours. What if that happened to you?

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