The Pros And Cons Of Academic Dishonesty

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As a kid grows up into an adult, he/she goes from learning the alphabet in the elementary schools to figuring out the major he/she may be interested in college. During the period of growth, his/her learning pressure and peer competition are gradually increased. As a student attempting to please parents and teachers, outstand in the competition, or even be admitted to a good college, grades mean everything for him/her. In order to receive a higher grade, some students choose to copy during the exams, use unauthorized materials on homework, or take other’s opinions as their own in papers. Academic dishonesty has been a problem in schools as long as schools have existed, but the development of the Internet gives students even more ways to plagiarize…show more content…
Students alleged academic dishonesty will be suspended or expelled from the schools; professionals alleged plagiarism will more likely to be fired. Their profile can record the ethics offense, possibly causing them to be barred from being accepted into a good university from high school or being employed by a company. McGuire writes that Senator Walsh dropped out of the Senate race due to his alleged plagiarism on a paper he submitted for his master’s degree. It seems that any academic dishonest activities will damage a politician’s reputation; the damage from plagiarism follows him for his entire career. As the society developed, people take cheating and plagiarism very seriously. No one would like to take a neurosurgery surgery operated by a surgeon who plagiarized in Anatomy and Neurobiology; no one would like to be took care of by a nurse who cheated in a nursing program; no financial institution would like to hire a graduate who cheated in a finance exam. Once cheating or plagiarism is reported, an individual’s profile is permanently marked. Students may be suspended or expulsed from the school; business employees may be fired or required to step down from their position. Taking the learning pathway and career development into account, individuals should not involve in plagiarism and cheating because any offense may ruin their names, making their future study or career
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