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A person’s ethics can be seen in their everyday life. Ethics are the morals someone lives their life by. Merriam-Webster defines ethic as “rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad.” The ethics that someone shows helps describe their personal character and refer to the way that person acts in personal and socials relationships. Plagiarism is the use of words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas (Merriam-Webster). Many colleges find plagiarism unacceptable and if caught, it usually results in being kicked out of that school. Plagiarism can be used on a number of things, including essays, newspapers, and magazine articles. Ethics A person’s morals, or ethics, depend on their own beliefs on what is right and what is wrong. There are the norms of the public eye on what is right and wrong, but an individual develops his own morals over time and believes what he wants. In the world today, the media has created a more strict line between good and bad, and just about anything in the media is bad. Being a “good” person in the eyes of the media is very difficult. These views that the media have, have changed people’s own morals and their views on others. The world has changed a lot. As the ethics of individuals have changed, it is easy to see the increase in crimes and illegal practices. The moral values of the world are falling apart. Temptation, greed, and jealousy have become the norm and have hurt society. To say that the morals of people have changed is an understatement, and it is easy to see that the world is becoming sicker. To see a change in this sick world, there would have to be a change in the ethics that people have. People have lost the will to do good. Some peop... ... middle of paper ... ...eople become greedy and jealous and will take something from someone. This is where the ethical standpoint of plagiarism is really seen. People today lack good morals and seem to go behind peoples’ backs and take what they want. You can see the lack of morals in people with power a lot nowadays. It seems that as if someone gains power, they tend to get greedy and take whatever they want. They use people and give no credit where credit is due. Some of these people need to take a long look at themselves and see where their ethics are at. All in all, plagiarism is bad and ethics are changed for the worse in the world today. It is time for the world to look at itself and see where its ethics are and if they are right or wrong. Change needs to be made and people need to reevaluate their ethics. If a change in ethics are made, then the world will become a better place.

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