Plagiarism Cannot Be Tolerated

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Today, education is big business. With the explosion of the Internet, more and more people are pursuing advanced education. It has never been easier to get your Bachelors or Masters degree. The business of plagiarism has become big business also. In this paper I will discuss how Brenau University defines plagiarism, what are some potential punishments for intentionally and unintentionally plagiarizing as a student at Brenau University. I will also explain how students attitudes toward plagiarism can impact intellectual property within the general environment of US businesses. Finally, I will examine how as a manager, in my company, can these attitudes lead to damaging your company’s competitive advantage.

Bergmann explains “plagiarism involves two kinds of wrongs. Using another person’s ideas information, or expressions without acknowledging that person’s work constitutes intellectual theft. Passing off another person’s ideas, information, or expressions as your own to get a better grade or gain some other advantage constitutes fraud” (Bergmann, 2010). Brenau University Student Handbook defines plagiarism as “Plagiarism is the act of taking the words or ideas of another and representing them as one’s own” (Brenau Student Handbook). The punishment for the offense of plagiarism can vary depending on the intentions of the student and level of plagiarism. At the Brenau University, the minimal sanctions that will be taken if proven examples of plagiarism are found, is the assignment grade will be a zero. In subsequent, cases the punishment will be more and more costly for the student convicted of this offense to include failure of the course, to expulsion from the school. In my opinion these steps are necessary to protect the academic integrity of the institution and validate the students degree from the institution.

Students are able to purchase papers of any topic on the Internet, sometimes very inexpensively. If not caught, the student may think plagiarism is ok and continue to take ideas without, in the students opinion, any consequences. The universities are a training grounds and it is their duty to discourage and stop students from pursuing this route. If unchecked and the student, now a graduate, enters the business environment with these attitudes, it could become costly to the business which employs the person and the business itself. The stealing of ideas can be considered copyright infringement and subject the individual or organization to legal actions.

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