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910 words

An increasing number of pit bull attacks have occurred over past decade. People who are attacked by pit bulls always suffer serious injuries because of the pit bulls’ sharp teeth and strong muscles. In October 19, 2009, Dr Hugh Wirth who is the RSPCA’s Victorian president renewed calls for American pit bull terriers to be bred out of Australia. The current laws require owners of pit bulls to register their pit bull. While some people are satisfied with the laws because they think that they are safe, others disagree. From my own perspective, the laws should be improved. The government should ban these fierce dogs and wipe them out instead of just registering them. In my opinion, there are three reasons why I am in favour of Dr Wirth’s proposal. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they are in favour of the issue because these fierce dogs are out of control and can suddenly become killing machines.
  • Opines that the laws which state registering the vicious dogs is not working well. the american pit bull terrier is lethal because it was developed purely for dog fighting.
  • Concludes that it is important for us to ban these vicious dogs. they are so detrimental that we must wipe them out because they are not fit to exist.
  • Opines that the current laws require owners of pit bull terriers to register their dogs.

In 18 August, 2011, the source of this event is from Herald Sun. A four-year-old lovely child named Ayen Chol was mauled and killed by a pit bull cross while she was playing in her home. The vicious pit bull escaped from a neighbour’s yard and mauled Ayen in a sudden attack. The dog rushed inside the house and set upon Ayen and some other children who were watching television. Ayen’s mom tried to beat the dog away from the children with a table, but she failed. Then the dog turned on Ayen and the vicious injuries caused Ayen’s death. Dr Cam Day, who is the RSPCA’s Queensland pit bull expert, has claimed that American pit bull terriers are ‘head, shoulder, feet and everything else above other breeds’ in terms of their capacity to injure and maim. If the government doesn’t ban pit bulls, these tragedies would continue to happen and children’s lives would be threatened all the …show more content…

They can suddenly become killing machines and destroy everything including kill people. They even hurt their owners when they are unhappy. The dogs stand about 50cm high and weigh between 25kg to 40kg. If they want to hurt people, nothing can stop them. Steve Austin, who is elite dog trainer, said, “Anyone who has a pit bull would never admit it.” In April 26, 2014, the events is from the Daily Telegraph reported by Janet Fife-Yeomans. Pandelis Germanos, who has Caeser and another four pitbull-type dogs which is to prevent his house was got hurt from his Caesar and another four Pitbull-type dogs. When she tried to pull Caesar off her mother, she lost his two fingers. Another true event happened in 27 May, 2013, this events’ source is from The Daily Telegragh. Three vicious dogs savaged a man who is jogging. Due to a neighbours’ help, he did not die. Chris Thompson who was one of the people that fend off the dogs said that he had grabbed a pot plant and cracked it over one dog’s head and the shock made them disperse but then they came back and latched onto another person’s hand. A hard pot plant cannot cause any injury on the dog. Mr Keith Kirkpatrick, who is a Brisbane dog trainer and adviser to Brisbane City Council has said, “They’re not a good guard dog because when they bite they switch off. You can tap them on the head but there’s nobody home and their plan threshold is

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