Physics of the Violin

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"String instruments have been played for more than a thousand years. Performance on string instruments has reached a level today that cannot be improved upon, and the quality of instruments built nearly three centuries ago is maintained in the best instrument made today" (Allen, 1). "The violin is a wooden resonance box that amplifies the soundwaves from the vibrations of the strings stretched across it" (Mandy). The most material for the construct the violin is wood; maple used for the back, ribs, and neck) and spruce for the top. People usually uses specific types of wood because those has tight grain, which makes strong, provide the richer sound. Since people wanted to take the violin seriously to make and play, they started to learn from the unsuccessful past to improve it. To play the violin with rich sound is necessary to violinist to have technology with the certain quality of violin. The quality of instruments built nearly 300 years ago. The quality of violin and performance is improved. The natural scientists have undertaken research into string instruments and some string-instrument builders are now beginning to take advantage of scientific methods of measurement and calculation (Hutchins 1962). The Relation between the Bow-to-string Pressure and the Moment of Fingers This is show the how the momentum will occur while people play the violin. When you put down the right hand on the bow, each fingers will give a force to down. However, the thumb, which put between the band, does give force up. This will happen at the frog of the bow. x : distance from fingers to string P : pressure a : distance from fingers to the center of gravity of bow (const.) W : the weight of the bow (const.) The bow is moved a long at a particular speed by the right hand. Frictional forces between the bow and the string alternate between sticking and sliding. And the pressure will occur at the mid-end of bow where it meets the string. As the picture shown, it will be the free-body diagram for bow. The Parts of the Violin that make its sound possible:

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