My Decision To Become A Medical Assistant (PA)

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My decision to become a physician assistant (PA) was made earlier in my life as I wanted to graduate high school with an established career path. Suffering from frequent sinus infections in 2006, I often landed myself in the Emergency Departments Fast Track, which to my surprise was managed by PAs. At that time, PA was a newly evolving medical career that everyone around me was interested in. What attracted me was that it allowed students to study medicine in a flexible approach, where they were able to easily alternate specialties throughout their career. One could graduate PA school practicing general medicine, but later go on to study a different specialty. This enabled a PA to practice within many fields of medicine, allowing them to expand their knowledge and experiences every time. In order to explore the field further, I began volunteering at my local hospital in the Surgery Recovery Unit. It was here where I had my first-hand experience with PAs, as I was able to observe them at work…show more content…
My duty as a full time MA allows me to be more involved with a patient 's medical care as I am able to assist clinicians with their allergy testing procedures. With this, I have been able to shadow PAs in a more community based setting where the PA-patient interaction is more prolonged and detailed. Knowing my interest in the field, PAs often discuss more complicated allergy cases with me, allowing me to understand the reasoning process that precedes diagnosing a specific allergy condition. I have more closely worked with Sara Lynn, a dedicated PA to the allergy practice who has further motivated me in my efforts to become a PA. Her approachable persona allows me to be comfortable in asking questions about medical conditions I am unaware of and through her advice, I have learnt a lot about the PA

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