Physical Activity

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Introduction Worldwide, we need to know also learn how physical activity has the potential to prevent health risks from young children. One of these health risks is obesity, which affects Middle Childhood children from the ages of 6 - 11years of age. Therefore, how has society prevented childhood obesity and what strategies can be implemented to develop and promote awareness of physical activity amongst children? If young children are to be educated and advised about the important benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyle, including the involvement of family, health, school environments and media and take into consideration what children are taught, then a large percentage of overweight children will decrease in numbers. To begin with, we look at how influential physical activity is for Middle Childhood children and discuss vital roles in addressing or preventing obesity. Also, detailed below are strategies a teacher should log in addressing or preventing obesity; however, it is necessary in the development of Middle Childhood to help prevent and manage this situation and international health risk that currently exist in society today. (The Australian Medical Association, 2009). Middle Childhood: The Importance of Physical Activity. For young children, physical activity can quickly advance understanding; on the other hand, physical activity levels begin to decline as early as Middle Childhood. These children have lots of extra weight, so they need physical activity to use it up; in addition, they grow tremendously fast, in speaking, physical activity helps them to gain weight & coordination and plays a key role in health matters. Furthermore, it is with the importance that we emphasize why obesity is a health ris... ... middle of paper ... ...trol and Prevention Childhood Overweight and Obesity. (2011). Retrieved from; McDevitt, T.M., & Ormrod, J. E. (2010). Child development and education (4th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc. Poglitsch.M.(Eds.).(2008). Middle Childhood: Physical Growth & Development. (n.d.).Retrieved from Pellegrini A.D & D.Bjorkland, (1996-1997). Recess Its Role in Education and Development: The Importance physical activity. Mahwah,NJ: Lawrence The Australian Medical Association,Obesity.(2009) Retrieved from Dietz.W.H.,( n.d).The Role of Schools in Preventing Childhood Obesity, Retrieved from

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