Philosophy of teaching

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Thinking about teaching philosophy makes me wonder about my learning experience in United States and Saudi Arabia resulting in my comparison between the two. The understanding which I gained in United States has left a strong impression on my philosophy of teaching. I feel myself very fortunate to have chance of both learning and experiencing before I formally start my career as a teacher. I am sure about the fact that my knowledge will definitely influence my style of teaching when I go back to my country to teach. I know that I do not have much experience of teaching but I'm pretty sure that my learning experience will lead me in the right direction required for the profession. I am also aware that I will not be able to transfer all of what I gained in United States to my country because of the difference between the two systems of education. However, I am confident that I will definitely share and apply some of the methods that helped me in learning of English from United States.
I will make it a point that my students learn the language by doing every possible thing to facilitate them. I will help my students to find other resources to support their learning process. For example, I can suggest students to search about an idea, fact, or any information from books or the internet. This will help them in enhancing their knowledge and will also prevent them from relying on the teacher support only. In addition to that, I will help them to read and write more and encourage them to practice English outside the classroom. I will also provide students the tools that will assist them in learning and will also build their interest of learning in the classroom and incorporate a variety of assessments that I gained from the assessment ...

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...ssible way. I sincerely want to pass on my gained knowledge in United States when I go back to my homeland.
To conclude, I must say that teaching stands as a big responsibility. However, I am willing to be a useful, understanding, and communicative teacher in the future. I understand that initially it will be bit hard for me to adjust with the environment and the less available facilities as compared to United States. However, I will try my best in every possible way to face the challenges that lie ahead of me. I will make sure to stay organized and clear about what I want for the betterment of my students. I will try to incorporate what I have learned over here and make use of it while I teach the English language to students. I intensely believe in a meaningful philosophy of teaching and I am looking forward to have a good teaching experience back in my country.
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