Pharmacogenomics Case Study

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Proposed Problem: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of genes and how drugs are metabolized within the body of patients. Another term for this is called pharmacogenomics which is the study of genetic factors and the response to certain medications (Johnson, 2015). There are approximately 2 million people who suffer from adverse drug reactions and pharmacogenomics is used to give the most optimal care to patients by preventing any adverse drug reactions (Johnson, 2015). A) How genes influence metabolism of drugs 1. Pharmacogenomics - Pharmacogenomics is a study that is fairly new and has just started being used within the last 60 years (Cheek, Bashore, Brazeau, 2015). This is the process of matching a patients genes to certain medications to prevent adverse reactions from occurring. Testing a patient can help predict what adverse reactions could happen and prevent these reactions by…show more content…
Precision medicine doesn’t just involve finding the right drug for the patient it also includes the right drug for the specific disease type (Cheek, Bashore, Brazeau, 2015). Pharmacogenomics is the aim to identify underlying genetic factors that can play an outcome in how medications are metabolized within the body (Cheek, Bashore, Brazeau, 2015). Due to the role of pharmacogenomics dosages are able to be adjusted and alternative therapies can be suggested to allow for the best outcomes possible. Pharmacogenomics doesn’t just look at genetic factors it also looks at age, lifestyle, diet and concurring therapies to find the best solution for a medication (Cheek, Bashore, Brazeau, 2015). Due to the new growing field of pharmacogenomics there is significant evidence of how it will help the health care community. This has changed the normal medication giving of trial and error dosage now to specific genotyping of the

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