Pesticides Essay

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Introduction to pesticides : Pesticides are designed to kill something. In agriculture, pesticides are use to kill the organisms or compounds that feed in crops. For example, preventing the spread of bacterial, the growth of mould, to control mice and rats, and also kill the organisms that is not beneficial for the plant. Pesticides is very convenience to famers because it protect the crops and increase the harvests. But over using the pesticides will cause pollution to the enviromrnt and also the ecosystem. In our lives, pesticides also make us easier. For example, the use of pesticides in wood makes will makes our furniture last longer. And also our clothes, the pesticides are also been using in the wool to make our clothes as longer shelf life. Types of pesticides : 1. Algaecides is use to execute or demostarting the development of growth of algae. 2. Antimicrobials and Disinfectants is use to control germs and microbes such as bacterial and viruses. 3. Fungicides is to control contagious issues like moulds, mildew and rust. 4. Herbicides is use to kill or inhibit the groeth of u...

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