Peruasive Argument About The Beguiling Truth About Beauty

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In “The Beguiling Truth about Beauty” by Carlin Flora, she describes how other people influence the way we perceive ourselves by attractiveness. In the world we live, usually the most attractive get special treatment so people see less of themselves. People are always comparing to others on daily basis because that’s the way our brain is program. Most of the time looks are not the way other would see us but by the way we talk or express which changes our appearance. Overall the way people actually feel about themselves is the true meaning of beauty no matter what others think.
In the media and everyday life we notice some people get special treatment by the way they look undermining how we see ourselves. This plays with the mind showing us all of the imperfection we have because we don’t fall under the perfect shape category. “We’re not even close to objective when it comes to judging our own looks” (Flora-442). According to Flora, we are the ones that judge ourselves more harshly than other. Everyone is beautiful and unique one way or another but in the mirror we see someone totally different. Usually friends and family see the marks or imperfection as characteristics each person has, which makes them unique. The first step in changing our view is to see yourself beautiful. Stop comparing to other, everyone is unique but if we see or think that we are not beautiful then that’s the image we will portrait. In a way it has to do with confidence, how confident are people of each other. It doesn’t have to be physical but there is other ways to make people beautiful. Flora explains this is a mental problem that each person has, whether we want or not. “Our brains have a build-in hot-or-not meter that never stops gathering data” (Flora...

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... time because the relationship with those people has strengthened over time (Flora-445). People can change their appearance naturally or genetically yet their personality will determine wheatear they are beautiful or not.
Ultimately people will compare themselves to others because that the way we are; now they should not let that interfere with the definition of beauty. Have courage to be unique, stand out no matter what others think. Carlin explains that sometimes being physically beautiful has its benefits but that isn’t the only way people will remember someone. People should not fear the way they look and judge themselves to hard because to someone else see’s beauty in them.

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