Beauty Essay: The Definition Of Beauty

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The definition of beauty is varying among different people in the world. Even though almost everyone knows the term beauty, many people are struggling in defining it and persuading others to agree with their opinions. Beauty is defined by a combination of qualities existent in a person or thing that fulfills the aesthetic feels or brings about profound gratification. Many people define beauty as a term to describe a person’s physical appearance; they often think that beauty comes from magazines, video girls, or even models. Although the term beauty can define a person’s physical appearance, true beauty lies in the way one acts and thinks rather than the way one look. First of all, the idea of beauty is not only based on a physical appearance of a person or object; beauty comes from the inner self. Natural and real beauty creates from within the heart of individuals. When a real beauty develops, it is expressed as a charming, attractive, and glamorous soul that is hard for one to contain. If a lady is beautiful on the inside, she is also beautiful on the outside because her body is an expression of soul and mind. Inner beauty creates a positive attitude towards oneself, others, and the environment. One real life example about inner beauty is the story of Chantelle Winnie. Chantelle was born with a skin condition vitiligo, which makes her different from other people. …show more content…

Today, the idea of beauty has been turned into unattainable forms by media, trends, and marketing. To reach the social’s standard of beauty, many people have gone anorexic, bulimic, or have been addicted to plastic surgery. Many people are wasting money on beauty products to make themselves prettier, but they forget that their inner beauty is more important. Inner beauty is an essential key to the overall appearance of someone. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and is the combination of inner and outer attractiveness of one

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