Persuasive Speech On Lowering The Drinking Age

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Do you enjoy being told what to do after you turn an 18 and you become an adult? I know I don’t. As you transition into that adult phase you get to enjoy adult activities such as voting and joining the military. As an adult there comes responsibility and at some points you have to make tough decisions. One of those decision include are you going to drink under age. What if I could tell you that the drinking age use to be 18 years old in 30 states. Should the drinking age go back to 18 years old? I am one who believes that as an adult you should have the ability to make those decisions. Lower the drinking age to 18, but we need to enforce the laws and educate our youth. Drinking has been a big part of American. A lot of families will tell you that drinking has ruined their families. That is why this is such a controversial subject. Every major issue such as legalizing marijuana, abolishing slavery has been controversial issue at some point throughout our history. Alcohol has been an issue for a long time and there is no right answer. The drinking age use to be 18 years ago. Even in the 70 when it was 18 years old we still had the issue of citizen drinking and driving. That issue hasn’t changed still. We have risen the age to 21 years old and we still have citizens who feel the need to get in their car after drinking 5 shots and 4 beers in a 2-hour span. In the 1980 an organization called MADD, mothers against drunk drivers was created. They were created because there was an epidemic of drunk…show more content…
Lower the drinking age to 18, but we need to enforce the laws and educate our youth. As a former 18 year old myself, I think we can all appreciate. This will be a topic of debate until the end of time. The only thing we can do today is to help educate our kids and youth that there are alternative ways to get home if you are under the influence. Don’t let your bad decision be someone else
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