Persuasive Essay: The Masks They Wear

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The Masks We Wear About two months ago, I went to pick up my 8-year-old niece from school. It being the last day of the term, they had been allowed to come to school in home clothes and make up. The first thing I noted was she had adorned on trendy fitting jeans and a t-shirt that had the drawing of Dora the Explorer in glitter and sequins. She also spotted bright red lipstick and some purplish mascara. She looked quite good but as we drove towards their home, I noted that she had difficulties in drinking water from her water bottle. I noticed that any time she wanted to take a sip; she tilted her head backwards, held the bottle at an angle to the mouth and poured the water right in. She then would swallow and put her lips in a pout so as to…show more content…
Lucy was an enigma. A girl that we never understood. How could one so intelligent be so promiscuous to the point that she used to sleep with anything in a trouser? Was Lucy addicted to sex? Was she in a twisted way trying to punish her rapists? Did she not have any self-control? Did she have any feelings for all the men who we purported and imagined to have had sexual intercourse with her? I remember a social work student telling us that it is possible for rape victim to have such tendencies. Later in life, I have learnt of what rape can do to the mind of the victim. The trauma of rape can lead to Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD). It messes up one’s mental health. In the society that we live in it is the rape victim’s fault that she or he had:- Dressed inappropriately, may be in a mini, a see through dress, tight fitting jeans, a trouser suit, or a skirt suit to a nightclub in the company of his or her friends. Being at the wrong place at the wrong the time, may be you were walking home from a jumuia prayer meeting and the short cut to your house has a blind corner that is not well lit. After all, it is just 8 in the evening and there are quite a number of people using the same

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