Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Lucid Dreaming

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“I am walking towards the coast, and I see a group of people arguing. I cannot hear anything, but I can hear the tone of their voice. I know this is the Caspian Sea, but I do not know why because I know Caspian does not have any shore like this. I get closer to hear what are they talking about. It is about a girl and a boy ran away together with a boat... I am in a boat, moving towards the Willow tree curtain leading me to the other side, where I can see the Caspian’s horizon. They are on the other side, now I know this is not reality, it is a dream. I see them on the other side, the girl has taken off her clothes, and the boy is looking at her dumbstruck. Now I am the girl I was looking at minutes ago, and I decide on who the
Those who have the ability to dream Lucid, they are able to explore an imaginary world. They experience adventure, they can use it as a mental practice, they can boost their creativity, and they can overcome nightmares. In this essay, I aim to discuss: 1. Why lucid dreaming can help us to boost our creativity, and 2. How we can meditate while we become Lucid in our dreams
What potential lucid dreaming brings to our lives and how can we get help from them in order to: 1. Overcome our nightmares, and 2. Become more creative.

Lucid Dreaming As A Creative Process
Generally dream is an image-making tool, as our waking brain, and as when we are daydreaming. Because in all these cases our brain is not deactivated, in fact, our brain stops being active when we are no longer a living being, and who knows what happens next! But what makes dreams so special in making mental images, even better than the other states of an active brain?
When we are awake, we are limited. We are limited by our emotions, life pressure, tension, work overloads, and so on. In other word, sensory input is active, and it limits us for creating
But it helps for brainstorming in criteria that I am concerned with. As art students, we always come up with the same successful composition, like the golden mean. To innovate we need to be free, and Lucidity in dreams opens the door to the world with at least less limitation: Yet we are not going to be able to see the ultra violet waves in our dreams.

Lucid Dreaming As A Nightmare Survival
I still cannot use Lucid Dreaming to help me set up a problem, and use it as a creativity tool. If it happens, it happens because my brain is concerned with the problem for days and even weeks, and as we see dreams about the recent events happening in our lives, I dream about them, and then I become Lucid. But I cannot dream of them with my own intention, which needs practice.
Though for the nightmares, I have become lucid, and instead of waking up, I have had the experience to feel safe, and continue the adventure. If I am not enjoying it at all, I can wake up, like whenever I dream of war, running away, and thinking about my family; or when I dream that a member of my family is dying, I can wake up when I find that I am dreaming.
Studies show that whatever we dream of comes form experiences in life we have. This applies to nightmares too. We dream of things we are afraid

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