The Scientific Mystery of Dreams

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Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to understand the different functions of the human body, how we move, talk, act, and for the most part many of these physiological behaviors have been explained on some level. However, one area of the human body that has had researchers and scientist confused for a long time is the mind. Many things go on inside the mind that don’t make sense and so far have no tangible explanation of why it occurs and how. One of the most fascinating and mysterious sections of psychology is that of dreaming. We dream thousands of dreams every night, but why and what do they mean?

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and 15-20% of that time is spent dreaming. (1) Dreams are a sequence of images that appear involuntary to the mind of somebody who is sleeping, often a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events, according to the Encarta dictionary. There are many types of dreams. Lucid dreams can be the most fascinating if one can master them. In lucid dreams you realize that you are dreaming and instead of automatically waking up you stay asleep and control every aspect of your dream. Your thoughts can effortlessly paint any dreamscape and you have full mental faculties as you would if you were awake.(4) Your imagination is the limit! Another more mysterious type of dream is precognitive dreams. This is where time and space no longer seem to fit any rational logical meaning. Precognition is an ability to know and experience a future event before it ever occurs (4) Many experience this type of dream and slowly forget it over time, until it happens in real life. When it occurs in real life you automatically feel a sense of déjà vu and you notice something familiar about the s...

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... them does not mean that they never happened.

All in all, whether we dream to talk to our ancestors, or just to deal with problems we can’t fix in our waking state one thing is certain; dreams are an important part of our lives. Without dreams the mind and body would surely suffer. Dreams allow a necessary outlet of our darkest fears and frustrations as well as our greatest hopes and wishes. In dreams you can be anything or anyone and if you can interpret your dream correctly you can have in insightful view of your soul. “Dreams unify the body, mind and spirit and provide you with insights about yourself and are a means for self exploration. When you understand your dreams you will have the ability to further understand and discover the true you.”(4)

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