Persuasive Essay On Zero Tolerance

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Stories such as Monique’s prove that there are policies out there that consistently fail to work. One is called zero-tolerance policies, and while these succeed at sending the message that bullying is not tolerated, there are several problems with them. Nora M. Findlay believes, “One of the most serious problems inherent in zero tolerance is that it treats dissimilar problems in a similar way” (14). Secondly, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declares, “Students and teachers may be less likely to report and address bullying if suspension or expulsion is the consequence” (“Support the Kids Involved”). Two other policies that are used but never works is called peer-mediation, and conflict resolution. In “Myths about Bullying”…show more content…
This is not always true. Certain people who bully have healthy self-esteems and countless friends, which is why they are so formidable. In addition, it is falsely believed that people who witness the situation desire to stay out of it (3). Furthermore, Cooper and Snell state that bullying is not the same as boys being boys. In addition, certain school authorities also falsely assume the definition of bullying is common knowledge. After all, “Bullying can often be difficult to distinguish from normal conflict and rough play. A study of the ability of lunchtime supervisors to distinguish students ' play fighting, or "rough-and-tumble" play, from true aggression found that the adult supervisors were more likely to mistake aggression for play rather than the other way around (Boulton, 1996). In fact, they made errors in one out of four episodes. Adults need help recognizing bullying” (“BULLYING--Not Just a Kid
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