Persuasive Essay On Transgender

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Transgender individuals shouldn’t be subjected to abuse, slander and danger when using a public restroom in any of the Unites States. Yet the U.S. recently made the bold move to make it culturally acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals and the LGBT community when passing the HB2 Bill in North Carolina by the General Assembly. With the world adjusting to the multiple terms now associated with the gender identity that spans in variations of asexual to queer, the U.S. has regressed by taking action to remove the Civil Rights of its citizens that identify within these terms. This bill does much more than just reverse civil rights and weaken discrimination regulation. The argument that a non-transgender person feels uncomfortable with a transgender person using the same bathroom is the same argument that once made people of color using public bathrooms and water fountains to be segregated. It’s a lack of understanding at best, and results…show more content…
It is still difficult to get a consistent estimate for the transgender population in the United States due to the majority of population surveys that ask about gender, only have the option to check male or female. These surveys not only exclude any one transgender or anyone who is under the LGBTQ umbrella, but any individual biologically intersex; meaning they very well could have both or neither biological sex at birth and identify with both, either or no gender at all. Once a person realizes that their biology and identity do not align, taking action to transition comes with many dangerous risks in a society that only acknowledges either male or female. Transgender women account for 50% of violent deaths related to hate crimes against the LGBT community based on a 2009 report. The other 50% were “gender nonconforming” (Responding to Transgender
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