Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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In March of 1985, Kirk Bloodsworth was convicted and sentenced to death for viciously killing and raping a 9 year old girl. Several eyewitnesses claimed to have all of the evidence the prosecution would need for a conviction and death sentence. However, 9 years later DNA evidence proved that Bloodsworth had not actually committed a crime at all. After being forced to waste 9 years of his life in prison, Bloodsworth was finally released. The Guardian reports that “at least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the US in the modern era are innocent” (Pilkington). This is a compelling statistic when lives are in the balance. The death penalty has posed countless problems to the United States’ judicial system that could easily be avoided…show more content…
If the death penalty were to be abolished there would be several different programs that the governments could invest in to improve communities. This would provide a win-win situation for both justice and local community organizations. People would still be held forced to serve the appropriate sentences for the crimes they committed (short of the death sentence), and states would be able to provide more funding to organizations that could benefit…show more content…
A large argument in support of capital punishment is the idea that the death penalty will deter people from committing crimes. According to the Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty organization, or OADP for short, no scientific studies have been able to successfully conclude that the death penalty deters crime and “states without the death penalty [actually] have a lower murder rate than neighboring states with the death penalty” (The Facts). How can this practice even be justified? One of the most common offensives that can result in a death sentence is murder. So, how is it logical to kill someone for killing someone? Capital punishment is not justice and is an embarrassment to the United States’ judicial
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