Funding Constraints and Death Penalty Controversy

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The death sentence has become a huge controversy in the United States over the past forty years. Over those forty years there has been a lot of less tax payers and donators willing to pay money to the justice system to execute a criminal. These types of people that have helped to pay in the past for these executions have stopped due to them not wanting a death connected to them in any way, or because they simply see life in prison a more suitable punishment. Without the funding needed, the criminals on death row are not able to receive their proper punishment within a reasonable amount of time. A lot of times the criminals never get their proper punishment due to lack of funding. Also, criminals that commit extreme crimes may not get the death penalty due to it not being registered as capital murder. These are all issues that have affected the death penalty over time. There are thirty-one states that currently use the death penalty as well as the U.S. Federal Government and U.S. Military. Throughout the states, there are five different methods of the death penalty that is executed in certain states. These five methods include the lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, firing squad, and hanging. Only certain states have certain methods except for lethal injection, every state that has the death penalty uses lethal injection for the …show more content…

Those that are for it may see that it is a waste of money spent on criminals that deserve death to allow them to stay alive in prison. Also, the criminal could have a chance at causing more damage in some way while in prison. On the other hand, to those that oppose the death penalty, it may seem inhumane or cruel to take a person’s life because of the bad decision they made. It also may seem like a better use of money to let them suffer a possible long life in prison ("Death

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  • Explains that the death sentence has become a huge controversy in the united states over the past forty years.
  • Explains that there are 31 states that currently use the death penalty, as well as the u.s. federal government and us military.
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