Persuasive Essay On Self Driving

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Self-Driving Vehicles: Putting Your Life in the Hands of a Computer Is it safe for self-driving cars be allowed to operate on streets along with human driven vehicles? Automated vehicles are most likely what the future has in store. I believe it is merely a matter of when the technology is at a satisfactory level for it to be safe enough for everyone to use. I have always been very interested in “the technology of the future” as well as anything mechanical. Currently I am pursuing a degree in diesel engineering. I see my educational path as pursuing a technology that will be even more relevant in the future than it is today. Self-driven cars should coincide with diesel engineered vehicles as long as they are a safe, reliable, and affordable…show more content…
Although none of these accidents were the cars fault, professionals say that human drivers are not used to the autonomous cars mannerisms yet and that is why they are happening. For instance, when a self-driving car senses someone in a crosswalk they wait until the person is completely out of the crosswalk then wait a few more seconds to be safe. In the same situation a person would normally wait until the pedestrian was out of the lane of travel that they are in, and then proceed. The reason the autonomous cars are getting in accidents is because when they are waiting the extra seconds to be safer, people are used to cars moving at the moment they are clear to go and end up rear ending the stopped autonomous vehicle. although the manufacturers are being very quiet about the frequency that accidents are occurring with their test fleet of vehicles. People are noticing that it is happening and they want more information. This does bring up other problems with the automated vehicles. The problem is that no one knows who to blame. In a normal traffic accident, the driver would be at fault. Since there would be only a computer controlling the vehicle then would the computers programmer be at fault, or would it be the vehicles actual manufacturer. Could the person who owns the vehicle really be put at fault for the uncontrolled actions of a robot? This argument has raised many valid points in the controversy that is self-driving
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