Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Gays deserve to be in love
Same sex marriage is a topic that has divided americans over decades. Politicians and the american people often debate whether should it be legalized or not. Most often religious people are the ones that find same sex marriages as an incorrect thing. They believe that marriage should be between a man and a women. Homosexuals deserve to have happiness and America being the land of the free should be able to offer them the freedom of being able to marry whoever they want to be with. same sex marriage should be legalized because it would offer homosexuals the freedom they deserve and it violates human rights.
“In 2003 massachusetts supreme court ruled that states cannot deny marriage licenses to homosexual couples.” according to the proquest staff. The first state to legalize same sex marriage was massachusetts. “some suggested that americans weren’t ready to embrace gay men and lesbians as equal with respect to the right of marriage” theodore and david boies said in their article ( Marriage Debate: Gays Deserve Equal Rights). In According to LGBT Rights Timeline “Nov. 7: Arizona becomes the first state to reject a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and other rights for unwed couples”. the 1st amendment of the constitution says that a person religious belief or lack of must be protected. Which means that same sex marriage can not be banned with the excuse of it being against a person religious beliefs because the 1st amendment protects them from that excuse.
The fact that a person or a political party doesn't want to let these people achieve their happiness is just not right these person go through alot and by going through so much they should be allowed to at least be w...

... middle of paper ... be happy.
Even though people think same sex marriage should not be legalized i believe that by legalizing gay marriage this world will become peaceful and it will open people's minds to new things.

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