Persuasive Essay On Safe Driving

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In almost every vehicle on the road, people are either talking on the phone, texting, or talking to someone. When turning the corner, beware of, not just the red light, but the driver who very well may not stop. Anything someone does besides driving that does not pertain to driving is a driving distraction. No one can any longer just take a relaxing Sunday afternoon drive without their phone. Giving or receiving texts has become a part of driving. By all means, stay in touch!
Texting has become worse than even being on the phone. The phone may have blue tooth or speaker, so that the individual may only distracted by their conversation. It has reached the point where one might believe it necessary to wear a helmet in their vehicle in hopes …show more content…

Author Alva O Ferdinand shares his expertise on this subject in his article, "Impact Of Texting Laws On Motor Vehicular Fatalities In The United States.", expressing the success of new technologies that are already available in the market; however, he also points to the fact that statistics reveal there is still a number of fatalities and that texting is still among the leading causes of accidents involving deaths. It is obvious this will work when relating to such findings as the seat belt law versus statistics that was also created for safer driving.

Although texting verbally does take omen’s attention away from the task of driving, verbal texting would be a vast improvement compared to taking their eyes off the road and off the steering wheel, obviously reducing the safety issues connected with staying connected.
Hopefully technology will enable the ability to install such an app on all phones for a small fee in an effort to meet the demands of society.
In closing, given consideration of worldwide media, success, and the current laws, I would propose the plan to implement a new law prohibiting texting and driving entirely. This can reasonably be compared to the change of law resulting in fewer lives lost for refraining to buckle up. Fining those who do not obey the law is logical will result reducing lives lost due to texting. Text to live, don’t text and

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