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You are standing on the edge of a boat, absolutely terrified of jumping in. All of your friends have told you facts about how rare it is to be bit by a shark, but you are still terrified. Most of your friends have jumped in, encouraging you to come in. They all try to coax you in by explaining how irrational your fear is. You have already done research about this stretch of water and know that there are no sharks in the water, but you are still scared. You shake your head at your friends and run back inside the boat, feeling relieved. This irrational fear is called a phobia.
Phobias are diagnosed as an irrational fear to a situation, activity, or object/animal/person. A phobia is a feeling of extreme fear, even though the stimuli to cause
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Phobias are not life threatening or an illness, but it does impact one’s life. Some people do not go into town or to the park because they are afraid of dogs. This is an example of how phobias can limit one’s life. Phobias are not an illness, but they are not healthy. They can cause one’s heart to race and can cause extreme panic. For example, people who are epileptic and have a phobia need medicine to control the panic or else they can go into a seizure or pass out. The most successful treatment is exposure therapy. This treatment usually involves a therapist to help the patient. In this treatment the therapist exposes the patient to their fear until the patient realizes how irrational the fear is and becomes emotionless toward the stimuli causing the…show more content…
In this treatment, the patient watches another patient confront their fear and the original patient realizes how irrational their fear is. Therapists sometimes also use relaxation and hypnosis, although it is not as popular or successful as exposure therapy and modeling. During relaxation, the therapist shows the effects (increased heart rate, quick breaths, etc.) of their fear and teaches the patient how to control these effects. Recently, drugs have been used to control the effects and panic associated with phobias. Anti-anxiety medication are used in situations to eliminate the physical effects of the phobia. Actually, anti-anxiety medication has the same effect as exposure therapy, both reduce the blood flow to the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that registers fear. Researchers are trying to create a cure that shall involve PET, MRIs, and CT scans to further understand the brains of those with phobias. Neurologists are also researching the brain to not only cure phobias but to prevent them all

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