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In this world, there are many psychological problems and issues that people are dealing with. One of the main issues that they deal with is their fears. In this case, severe fears which are called phobias. There are over five hundred (500) types of phobias with a specific name, classification and description of that phobia. Phobias can become very extreme and hard to deal with if not treated after a certain amount of time. From understanding what a phobia is, the history, statistical facts, signs/symptoms and different types of treatment one can learn and understand that phobias are a serious matter and can be treated for. As long as a person understands what phobia they have, commit to finding a treatment and have a strong enough mind, they can see that they can do anything and be rid of their fears because you are only as strong as your weakest fear.
First, there must be an understanding that there is a difference between normal fear and a phobia. The two are very similar, but they have a distinct characteristic and description that sets the two apart. A normal fear is a feeling that everyone can fear and something very simple and is not complex to the mind. A normal fear is related to any common and daily situations that can occur in one’s life. It is normal and helpful to feel fear in dangerous and nerve-racking situations; this experience is quite normal. Some examples of a situation like this can be waiting for a grade on a test you weren’t quite ready for, driving a car for the first time, or even taking part in a rough contact sport where you can get hurt. To humans, fear is something that is adaptive. Being adaptive, it is serving us to protect us. Being adaptive can be seen as a “fight-or-flight” response. This means tha...

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...rnet treatment for social phobias can be cured with guided self-help.
Overall, phobias are a serious matter and can effect anyone. There are so many different phobias that it is likely that every person suffers from at least one in a minimal level. Anyone can have a phobia and can get one at any age. Phobias can be detected by numerous symptoms from major avoidance of that fear, dry mouth, and serious headache. Treatment for phobias should be done at the right time, but should not be held off of it will be harder to cure. Treatments can vary from medication to hypnosis. Certain treatments are not for everyone. Finding the right treatment is important to properly cure the phobia and minimize symptoms. If you suffer from a phobia, it is not impossible to get over it; all you need is a positive mind set, and proper treatment. Do not wait till fear takes over your life.

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