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“Next Generation 911 (NG911) will enhance the 911 system to create a faster, more flexible, resilient, and scalable system that allows 911 to keep up with communication technology used by the public” (, n.d.). As previously quoted, 70 percent of the nation’s population is using mobile devices that are not compatible with current 911 standards. The NG911 policy is a compilation of ideas, research, framework information on NG911 systems, committees and organization established to assist PSAPs, as well as, suggested protocols for implementation and continued usage of a Next Generation 911 system. Both short-term and long-term goals of NG911 seem to be legal, just, and democratic. This policy does not infringe on anyone’s rights. There…show more content…
“Social workers’ primary goal is to help people in need and to address social problems” (NASW, 2008). NG911 does exactly that, helps people in need by giving people better access to help when they find themselves in need of emergency services. People facing dire emergency situations are in vulnerable positions, therefore, NG911 promotes social justice by giving people the ability to use different forms of communication when they find themselves in those vulnerable positions. The dignity and worth of someone with hearing impairment is often left with very few options when they need to call 911, although, Next Generation 911 gives them self-determination by allowing them to use text messaging just like everyone else. Social Workers value the importance of human relationships, NG911 promotes those human connections by allowing easier access to a law enforcement officer, paramedic, or firefighter. NG911 enhances the integrity and competence of first responders and emergency services by giving the public the confidence that they will be able to access 911 whenever, from wherever and however they need to do so. Most dispatchers know that it is not if NG911 will be implemented, but when the implementation will take place. It is a change that we know is coming and we are trying to be prepared, but change is never easy. When implementation day strikes our 911 center there will be resistance,…show more content…
Alternatively if a call were to come in via text message, dispatchers would have to read the incoming text message, respond by text message, and then compile a report relaying the needed information to the responders. Plus, as Bleiberg and West (2014) mentioned, the call taking process is slower, sometimes there are critical questions that require urgent answers, but with text messaging there is a delay in the response compared to a live voice phone call. Once pictures and videos come into play there will be even more responsibility in getting those images out to the responders while still filling out the report and talking or texting with the caller. The new technology adds more layers that dispatchers will have to adapt and adjust to. In order to help with this concern, we would ask for public education with an emphasis on the importance of using voice calls whenever possible and text, picture, or video only in those extremely rare instances when those forms of communication are only

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