Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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But how many illicit users of marijuana are going to jail for these activities? If all marijuana users were arrested and put “behind bars in the land of the free”, America would soon become “a nation of jailers” (Loury). It is difficult to prohibit something that cannot be controlled. If prohibition is impossible to implement, neglecting violations will not help. And just because marijuana use is frequently ignored doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The disobedience has led to the erosion of trust among law abiding citizens. How can an illegal behavior obviously happen on the basis of every day without resulting in an arrest, unless its prohibition lacks one of these following factors: sympathy, compassion, or a logic reason? Once again, we…show more content…
Similarly to other recreational behaviors like drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco, these individuals do not use marijuana or other drugs to treat medical problems. In fact, America is not the only country where marijuana is medically and recreationally used. “Smoking cannabis is often an under-reported behavior in our society, with a reported prevalence from the World Health Organization of 3.9% among the global population aged 15 to 64 years.” (Leung). The issue is that up to the moment, only “[four] states— Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska— and Washington, DC have legalized marijuana use. An additional 14 states have de¬criminalized certain amounts of possession, and nearly half of the states allow medical marijuana.” (McCarthy). This issue should be…show more content…
A number of states have various forms of pro-marijuana legislation pending” (McCarthy). “Doctors, lawyers, and others are using it on the side. The president of the United States has ad¬mitted he’s used marijuana—it takes some of the taboo away.” (McCarthy). The CSA which is the biggest obstacle for legalization of marijuana is denied. However, the prohibition is still there. American have to act to require right now the federal government “to construct legal, regulatory, and tax frameworks that would allow businesses to cultivate, process, and sell marijuana not simply to medical patients— as had been happening in Colorado for more than a decade—but to anyone twenty-one and older.” (Hudak) Laws, from time to time, should be reviewed to see if they should stay on the books. If laws passed long ago are no longer defensible, they should be reformed or abolished. The 18th Amendment prohibiting alcohol use was repealed by the 21st Amendment. Alcohol prohibition was one of the biggest policy failures in American history, and we should learn that lesson that prohibition doesn 't work. Alcohol prohibition was a public policy failure and today marijuana prohibition is failing. Marijuana prohibition is unjust, immoral, depersonalizing, and marijuana users frequently flaunt the laws prohibiting it. Marijuana prohibition costs American

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