Persuasive Essay On Going To Space

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Going to space is an ever so amazing thing, but the price tag that comes with that task is just a tad more than your average day expenses. A shuttle alone will cost the American tax payers at least 1.7 billion dollars. Well instead of the American tax payer paving the path to space, we need to look to privatize space exploration. Allowing this action to take course will give NASA the abilities to pay private companies a cheaper price than what they are paying Russia to do. Private companies, that are based in the United States, bring so much opportunity for future space travel and the United States. There are several different ways to get to space, but with the abilities private companies bring to the table, nothing else stands a chance. Private space companies are paving the way for space travel. There are six big space companies trying to prove their worth in this voyage to space. SpaceX and Orbital Sciences are the two front…show more content…
Until recently nobody made laws about going to space, it was all considered Science Fiction. Alan Duffy thinks we are at that point saying, “Except 50 years later we 're approaching the very real possibility that a private company will get to the moon, or certainly will attempt the landing, and ushering in this new era potentially of extracting resources from the solar system.” Laws in space need to be a thing, because without them, people that are in space will abuse the power it gives them and some type of disaster will happen. Roger Franzen talks about a time when there was such law, “The other treaty that 's involved is the Moon Treaty, which was actually a failed treaty because it sought to prevent the exportation of the moon by people that would take advantage of it to the exclusion of others.” It is sad to think that you would need to have a law like this enacted to prevent such ludicrous actions, but it would keep more people
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