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Marriage is the most powerful way for couples to show their love. However, it will be unfair for someone to try and negate the rights of married couples. Therefore, all types of marriages including gay marriages should be legalized since couples deserve equal rights and freedom. Opponents of gay marriage point out that it is against God’s laws, but they forget that the same Bible also promotes equality regardless of gender, race and religion. Moreover, if marriage is all about love, then those in love and committed to one another should be allowed to the freedom to marry regardless of their gender and age. Studies have revealed that heterosexual marriages are failing at a very at the very alarming rate. Based on this knowledge, gay marriages must, therefore, be legalized.
Fifty years ago, no country supported gay marriage; it was criminalized even in the United States. People who openly displayed gay feelings would not be hired or be allowed to serve in the military. Study shows that Alaska and Hawaii were the first states that legally banned gay marriage in the year 1998. The reason behind this was the outright rejection of gay marriage from Hawaiian voters even after a court ruling of 1996 that gave the go ahead to same-sex marriage. This made people practice gay in secrecy. Though gay marriage wasn’t legal until the 2000s, gay couples were getting married on TV shows in the 1990s. However, through interactions, media and globalization, the perceptions towards gay marriage changed, and people slowly accepted it. This saw a number of gay marriages being performed. Research shows that when people reported that they knew a gay person, the public support for gay marriage increased. Miller also points out that, in the ye...

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...uals thrive in the same way as those raised by heterosexuals. It is vital to give children the right to be with their parents rather than denying them that right. The number of those in support of the idea that raising children in gay families was a good thing rose from 11% in 2007 to 21% in the year 2007. Therefore, it means that homosexuality is not a social evil, instead of institutions focusing on homosexuality and gay marriages, they should pay attention to evils such as crime, divorce and sexual molests that have been observed to be rampant in many states. Legalizing gay marriages is vital to each government in ensuring that the needs of all their citizens are taken care. Just as race or ethnicity, homosexuality is a human nature that should be embraced. Illegalizing gay marriage means that we deny our human nature, therefore, defying the creation of mankinds.

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