Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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In the discussion of physician assisted suicide, one controversial issue has been whether or not it should become legal across the United States. On one hand, some oppose that it is not right for individuals to take their own life, with a physician 's help. On the other hand, if you are terminally ill and in a lot of pain, you should have the right to end your life with the help of a physician or someone else 's help. My view of the topic is that I am for allowing those people who are terminally ill to end their life to quit their suffering. However, people someone should check to see if the law is safe. If the law is not safe, then they should take the time to make it safe. Maybe there needs to be some arrangements that need to be fixed or adjusted.
Physician assisted suicide is commonly known as Statutory euthanasia. It is when a terminally ill patient requests a physician to prescribe them a lethal pill, which they can choose to take at any time they feel it is right to hasten their death.. Statutory euthanasia is legal in three states: Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. The terminally ill are the only ones who should
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They start to end their life by starving themselves or doing other wrongdoings. For example, maybe jumping off a bridge and ending up with even more serious problems. When someone starves themselves they only last a couple of weeks before they die. So they are suffering with the pain they had already and now the suffering from starvation. The sick people should not have to got through all these crucial things. They should have the right to die with dignity and of course it has to be their own choice.
Insurance companies should not reject sick people a treatment, because howbecause how they agree to give them the pill they should as well pay for the treatment. That way it does not lead
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