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The issue of Euthanasia is all over the place, while some feel individuals should have the right to determine when and how they end their lives, others oppose the involvement of doctors in the process, and lastly some people disagree with euthanasia for religious reasons for example in Christian religion the belief that if one commits suicide you will be immediately sent to hell. With these contrasting views a massive debate on the issue is created, impacting thousands of lives who both wish and disagree with the idea of legalizing euthanasia. One of the wishers is Gloria Taylor who suffers from Lou Gehrig 's disease (ALS) which is an incurable illness that progressively weakens and degenerates muscles to the stage of paralysis. So on August…show more content…
The cause of this issue includes the pain because of relationships, as well as the pain of financial problems. With suicidal thoughts being one of the big main reasons for euthanasia, since mainly those who are considering Euthanasia want to give up in life for one reason or another. Some of these reasons for those seeking out euthanasia include feeling hopeless in life, having the thoughts that no one loves you anymore. The effects of this form of mercy killing are far more than anyone could imagine since euthanasia can be compared with both suicide and being murdered. Some of the effects that euthanasia might have is that it could either bring peace to a family, or be the breaking point ruining the family or oneself. The topic of Euthanasia comes with both many positive and negative effects which one of the main negative effects that people like to highlight on is the similarities to suicide and murder, arguing that if euthanasia is made illegal it would make murder and suicide become more tolerable to the community. From a legal standpoint, in the Encyclopedia of American Law categorizes mercy killing as a class of criminal homicide. In the government’s standpoint while killing is seen as excusable when used as a criminal punishment for example the death penalty, it is unforgiveable if killing is carried out for any other reason. In most nations, euthanasia is considered a criminal homicide…show more content…
According to the Liberals Euthanasia should be legalized. The belief is that a person has the right to die with pride, by his or her own choice. Having the freedom of choice when represented with the matter of euthanasia a human being most undoubtedly has the absolute right to decide to end their own life. That if and when someone are living in constant pain that instead of supporting the insurance and medical services. It is wrong for the government to take away the means for a terminally ill person to hasten his or ow inevitable death. To force a person’s last moments to be full of agony and torment. The authorization of euthanasia would not mean doctor-assisted suicides of non-critical patients that if a person lost their arm in an accident and is depressed that the doctor would allow the patient to commit suicide. By permitting euthanasia it would allow reduced health care costs, giving those who do have a chance access to the funds and resources available in the medical

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