Persuasive Essay On Right To Die

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The right to choose is one of the most hotly contested ideas in America. While abortion is the topic that usually comes to mind, the right to die is a debate that is becoming more prevalent in our society every day. Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick writes in “Euthanasia: we can live without it…,” that people should not be able to choose if they can die. He defends his ideas by showing how euthanasia is not a fully regulated practice and not always done legally. He goes on to say that most people who choose euthanasia do not have terminal illnesses and are usually just unhappy with their lives. However, Dr. Philip Nitschke disagrees in “Euthanasia: Hope you never need it, but be glad the option is there,” saying that we should have euthanasia as a viable option. Nitschke believes that people should be able to have euthanasia as an option to put in their living will in cases of …show more content…

Anti-euthanasia advocates claim that assisted suicide is unneeded, meaning a person seeking euthanasia “should be forced to live regardless of the quality of life,” according to Dr. Philip Nitschke. He writes in “Euthanasia: Hope you never need it, but be glad the option is there” that a person should be able to choose he or she’s own outcome “to ensure dignity and choice.” Being able to choose our path in life is something that is granted to people in first world countries, such as the United States. Removing the right to choose if a person wants to die is not only wrong, but allows unnecessary suffering to continue. Dr. Nitschke believes that ultimately, “Unless modern medicine has a cure for Alzheimer’s [or] any number of the terminal illnesses that confront [us] will keep suffering.” Death is something that will happen to everyone, but suffering is not. While people with terminal illness do not choose to have the disease, they should be able to choose if they wish to elongate the

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