Persuasive Essay About Attending College

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For most Americans, the goal of attending college is drilled into our minds at a young age. It seems to be one of the ultimate dreams for parents to have their child grow up and attend the best university in the country. Once students near the end of their high school education, college is a major conversation topic. The pressure to choose the college of best fit can be daunting. Do I want a large university or a smaller technical school? Do they have my major? How about on-campus housing? How costly are the schools? Am I too close to home? Or too far? So many questions, many I did not always know the answers to when asked. According to The College Board, there are almost four thousand colleges to choose from around the world. So, how do you…show more content…
A few, among the many activities included, are exploring shipwrecks, joining a sorority or fraternity, and attending class in Costa Rica. This appeals to an applicant’s sense of adventure while at the same time showcasing the University’s wide range of student involvement. These morsels of information may lead a student to do more research about the University, leading students to find that there are in fact courses to take that travel to places such as Costa Rica and Honduras. This possible research provides a pathway to opportunities in which the University can continue to persuade the applicants to choose UWF. This area also shows that students who attend UWF are given countless opportunities for excelling in fields of both academia and personal interest. For instance, mentioned is an internship on Wall Street, which creates an advance in academics. Also, the mention of exploring a shipwreck could be of interest to a student with SCUBA certification in search of new dive sites near campus. The other appeal to logos within the poster is also related to this. In English, we read left to right and down from the top. However, if you completely unfold this poster and then try to read it, not much would make sense, and it is highly unlikely that it would be read in the intended order. The lines of dialog related to how the mail is to be opened and unfolded create a logical sense of

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