The Cost Of College Tuition

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College tuition will be the bane of certain student’s existence in the near future but it was not always this way. For quite a length of time, people did not pay much for their college degrees. However, in today’s day-of-age that is not nearly the case. A large portion of people are realizing that tuition is very unreasonable and want to change it to be more affordable. While researching college tuition I found not only that I was right about tuition being too high, but I also found that it has inflated more than I assumed it had. Since 1975 to now, tuition has increased by roughly four times the original amount at a four year university.
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Many other factors play a role in taking money from the attending students which for the most part includes seven things. First, at your average four-year College, rent will cost close to $9,000. This causes some students to have to share space and all pitch in for rent at a given housing unit. Second, food can add up with the $5 here and there that you spend on fast food or the $20 that you may spend at a grocery store. A slightly minor one is school supplies. For the most part there only supplies that will cost a few dollars each which is not bad. However, the fact that you will most likely need a laptop adds another pretty penny to the stack that has already accumulated. Fourth, every college has really expensive text books that you will need for your classes. These will range anywhere from $50-$200 per book depending on the class. And last but not least is the good and services that you will use while in college. Most students can save money here through discounts or grants that will apply to what you need to use but for the most part it will come out of pocket. This will include anything extra that you need/want in order to feel more comfortable in college. Things such as a vehicle, gas, new clothes, new games and so forth are included in this list as a …show more content…

Many studies have been run and tested to see the exact numbers to answer that question. One study in specific was ran by the FRBSF and they found that the debt you go into can be recovered from by the age of 40. This way seem fine because from that point on you are leaving others in your dust with the money you pocket but there are too many factors in play to assume this will happen. It is not guaranteed that you will have paid it back by the time you are 40. You could have unexpected costs, want to travel somewhere, need time off work, or just simply not be good at paying towards that debt. While looking at this you have to also realize the average age people retire at is in their early to mid-60. At that point you have to ask if it was all worth it. Was it worth it to work so hard your whole life just to struggle with some debt and pocket a little more money by retirement then the next

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