Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Doctor

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To become a doctor is a hard, long, and exhausting journey. The minimum time it takes a person to become a general doctor is eleven years (“How to Become a Doctor”). How could someone dedicate more than a decade of their life learning about something, and then end up not even caring for it at all? The answer is simple: money. Some doctors only care for what is in their patients’ pockets and not for the patients themselves. The world is in need for caring and selfless doctors because without them, we will be left with doctors who deny their patients the care they deserve. Doctors impact lives tremendously. People go to hospitals and medical clinics because they need help from doctors. People trust doctors with their own lives and expect them to genuinely care for them and help them. If a doctor comes up with a treatment plan for their patient, then usually the patient will try to follow the plan exactly. In extreme cases, a patient’s life may depend on the plan that the doctor comes up with. A doctor has the knowledge and the power to save somebody’s life. Sadly, there are doctors who completely ignore the patients’ needs, and instead just care about giving them the most expensive treatment plan or keeping them in the hospital…show more content…
She is kind, caring, and completely selfless. She is the definition of what a doctor should be. Amy Writer wrote in her article “A Doctor’s People Skills Affect Patients’ Health”, about how the doctor interacts with their patients has an effect on their patients’ health. She reviews thirteen clinical trials that prove that being kind and caring has a positive effect on all of the patients’ health, as opposed to doctors who are rude have a negative effect. If more doctors were kind and caring, more patients would be healed and would have hope when fighting life-threatening diseases. Hospitals and clinics can be sad and scary places. There is no room for rude, greedy, or selfish
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