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Baseball Field Tarps It is one thing to cancel a game for rain or a severe thunderstorms. Quite another if it rained three days ago, and the baseball diamond is still so muddy you have to cancel the evening game—along with previous practices. Wind blown debris or mud can quickly turn a perfect ball field into a disaster. With baseball a spring sport, though, rain and storms come with the season. While you cannot control the weather, you can control the condition of the diamond. Baseball field tarps can save your field—and ensure your season victories! Baseball field tarps are imperative to a successful playing season for your baseball team. Obviously, a baseball diamond is as essential to a game as bats and balls. However while you can bring …show more content…

This makes sure that it is waterproof, as well as rip resistant. If, for any reason that it may rip, the baseball tarps are reinforced so that the rip does not continue to get bigger. Special tape can be purchased to repair the baseball field tarp and allow it to be used for many seasons to come. Not only are you seeking to protect the baseball field from precipitation, but you must also be concerned about the son’s rays. Baseball tarps should come treated with chemicals, which will also ensure that the baseball tarp itself does not become brittle and tear easily. Some tarps come with a silver poly coating, sending back the sun’s rays and keeping the turf from burning up. Otherwise, baseball tarps could absorb up the heat and scorch the grass underneath? Baseball field tarps should be heavy enough to prevent the wind from easily picking them up. This is especially important if the baseball field is located in a particularly windy area. While tarps can weigh up to or over a ton, it is wise to invest in a tarp that is no more than 1500 pounds. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to roll out onto the field. Having light enough baseball field tarps will help make it an easier task, and therefore ensure that the job will be completed rather than dreaded and avoided because it is too …show more content…

This takes away the need for using sandbags. Because the baseball tarps are wind resistant, the wind actually pushes the tarp down onto the field rather than away from it. Other baseball field tarps do not come with chains, but sandbags can be included with the purchase. Baseball tarps can withstand high winds, making them effective even during wind storms and severe thunderstorms. While baseball field tarps may appear difficult to stretch out across the field, you can purchase a storage roller. These cylinder-shaped rollers make taking up or laying out baseball tarps a job for only two people. Plus it should only take half a minute or less to accomplish. Hand holds can help when rolling out and getting it in proper position. You can also use a roller as an easy way to store your baseball field tarp. Tarps online can be customized to particular sizes you may request, or even certain colors. Consider getting baseball field tarps which matches your school

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  • Explains that baseball field tarps are imperative to a successful playing season for your baseball team.
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