Important Essay: How Softball Is Important In The World

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I have played softball ever since the tee ball days. It has been a sport that I have grown to love and couldn’t imagine not playing. The way I have grown up playing softball has changed tremendously from the time it was 1st created in 1887 on Thanksgiving Day. The first time this game was even thought of was when a group of excited men threw a boxing glove to another man who swung a broom trying to hit the boxing glove, like a bat hitting a ball. This group of men, who were all apart of the Farragut boat club, decided they would turn this into a game of their own and softball was born. Although the name softball was not finally decided on until 1926. It was first called indoor baseball. Kitten baseball, or pumpkin ball. Softball didn't grow rapidly until 1933 a softball tournament was set up at the world fair. There were 55 teams in the invent and over 350,000 watching. The game of softball went crazy. Not just in the U.S., but all around the world. Like many sports the rules of softball have changed threw out history. Anyone who plays softball knows mother nature has a huge role in the game. We play outside on a field so rain, lightning, and thunder don't always get along with the game schedule. When softball was first thought of this was not a problem as the game was played inside. It was originally used for baseball players to…show more content…
Jennie Finch is by far the most well known softball player. Jennie was a 3 time all american pitcher and first baseman at the university of Arizona. While in college she made history. She set an NCAA pitching record by having 60 consecutive wins over three seasons and winning 109 total games. During these season she also has a total of 1,028 strike outs as well. While in college she also won the nation's best softball player in 2001 and led her team to a national title win in 2002. The number 27 was retired a year later at the University of

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