Persuasive Essay About Making Mistakes

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In today's society, people often look at making mistakes as horrible and something you should never do. Sometimes failure is needed in order to make progress in everything we do. What if I told you that your failure is valuable? That making mistakes can be life changing in the best ways possible. Failure can sometimes come with perks it gives you a whole new perspective on life. Making mistakes is a positive and beneficial practice it gives you an original way of thinking, it allows you to open new doors for better opportunities, and it helps you realize that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.
Making mistakes is beneficial because it helps you form a good creative thought process. If you are always concerned with producing right answers it
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Mistakes helps you find out what works and what doesn't in order to take the next step for success. If we never fail we make any progress we won’t be able to better ourselves. (Paul Logan ) ‘‘ But even failure, as painful . . . future success. (Paul Logan ) According to this quote, Paul Logan realized that failure doesn't don't have to be an ending it could something we can learn from that will strengthen us. Logan’s failure helped him realize his mistakes and it eventually motivated to work for what he wanted. So, in the long run, his mistakes made him better it gave him a good learning experience it was like a blessing disguise. Pg 89, (Roger Von Oech ) “Thomas Edison know 1,800 ways not to build a light bulb.” (Von Oech Pg 89) In other words, Thomas Edison's mistakes helped him get somewhere. In this case being wrong was his stepping stone. Therefore mistakes are needed it helps us discover new things and create new ideas to improve ourselves. Pg 89, para 13 ( Roger Von Oech ) “He looked around . . . The engine didn’t ‘knock’.” This quote signifies that Kettering’s crazy ideas worked in favor even though he was wrong he was right. Kettering made all the right mistakes without his errors he wouldn't have made the discovery that he did. His mistakes were what he needed in order to take the next step in actually getting somewhere with his…show more content…
We need failure it's okay to be wrong sometimes it gives us a back bone. The author talks about a friend that he has that didn't know how to be wrong Pg 88, para 5 ( Roger Von Oech ) “She went through eighteen years . . . new ideas. Therefore the author‘s friend didn’t want to try new things because she didn't want to fail because she was afraid. This shows me that being right all the time isn’t everything it doesn’t allow one to have a backbone. If one wants to be confident in trying new things you should be open to making mistakes. Pg 88, para 8 (Roger Von Oech) “As Yaz would put it ‘ If you want the hits, be prepared for the misses’.” In other words, in order to success, you must fail along the way. This quote confirms the fact that being right isn’t a thing to be afraid of. Failure could be good it makes good practice to help us grow from past mistakes and find the new direction. Pg 90, para 15 (Roger Von Oech) “ We learn by trial and error, not by trial and rightness. If we did things correctly every time, we would never have to change direction- we’d just continue the current course and end up with more of the same” According to this quote error is needed in order to find a new course. Trial and error are stepping stones trial and rightness just brings you back to where you started. Being wrong allows us to ask questions and find out why we make certain
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